Property Analysis

Corp and Entity Research Tools the credit reporting company for business to obtain a corporate or entity tax ID The Service Bureau, corp. credit reporting Chase Small Business Center
smallcapcenter.comgood source of info on very small public co’s
colorado secty of state incorp. div. incorporate or form LLC $50, online
texas secty of state inc. or llc info and lots of other state wide info great site for incorporating, understanding offshore banks, and more

Property Research Tools mapping, appraised value, satellite mapping, satellite mapping, satellite online, immediate title report topographical mapping, satellite mapping nationwide list of appraisers

People Research Tools lots of information on people, incl. free info
on Marriage, Divorce, Death. Also provide Background
  Checks, etc. Most you have to pay for, but good source. pay site, but very inexpensive. Provides
excellent information on drivers licenses, criminal
records,   civil records, voter info, and more. But, they
only provide information on certain states. great site for getting death record info,
also a ‘world connect’ project that is good for finding   families, and databases on Cities and Counties, the rest
of the information is sketchy if it is beneficial. great site for doing reverse phone
lookups, and finding neighbors next to property you
want and   gathering information. great site for logging in your request for
someone, and getting a comprehensive report. this is the premium search site, it charges,
but it is very good and finding the information

Legal Research Tools great source for various laws to obtain a corporate or entity tax ID another great source for laws U.S. wide legal forms for every industry

City / County / State / US Govt Contacts National Association of Counties, good source for finding
population, and census info by county.